– A system that allows you to keep equipment, consumption items, and other items.

– The Warehouse can be shared with other characters in the same service.

– The Warehouse can be used through the Warehouse NPC in the city or village.

[1]Warehouse area

– The warehouse basically provides 20 slots.

[2]Backpack area

– Show the items in your backpack and click on them to place them in the Warehouse for storage.

[3] The item space available for placing items or finding items in the Warehouse.

[4] A function that automatically arranges the items according to their level and type in the warehouse.

[5] Search or deposit button.

[6] Add button in the Warehouse slots.

– Expanding the Warehouse slots will consume diamonds and can be done up to 150 slots at a time.

– Every 5 slots up to 100 slots consumes 100 diamonds, and every 5 slots up to 150 slots consumes 200 diamonds.

Storing Items

– Select the item you want to check in the backpack area and click the Deposit button.

– Some items cannot be placed in the Warehouse.

– No processing fee will be charged for storing items.

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