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There are many Anecdotes Quests in Dragon Raja that require players to explore carefully. Such tasks cannot be automatically navigated. There is no detailed task introduction, which tests everyone’s patience.

So Triss will bring some tips in the future to help you complete these Anecdotes Quest

About the Basketball Department leaflet:

  1. Bring your Basketball Department leaflet (this item will be automatically obtained after Chapter 1 of Main Story), Find Tatsuhiko Kimura at Cassell College’s basketball court on a sunny day (he is next to the basketball court, wearing a red basketball uniform)

2. After talking to him, you can participate in the intense and exciting basketball shooting! It’s required to drill 10 shots (10 shots are cumulative. For example, 8 successful shots today, two shots tomorrow, instead of making 10 shots in a row)

3. Many players will definitely want to know how to improve their rate of success, so let Triss give you some tips! When making the shots, stand in front of the basket, a little closer to the basket, and the parabolic drop point of the shot is placed directly above the basket. If you feel that the angle is not good while shooting, you can manually cancel it.

4. Triss recommends that you pick a basketball near the basketball court to practice (there’s no need to be nervous while making the shots)

5. Finally, you can go to Tatsuhiko Kimura to complete the task after burying 10 shots in total, you will get the blue Cassell Cager title; if you drill 50 shots in total, you will get the blue Elite Pitcher title; You can get the purple Ace pitcher title by making 100 shots. This title comes with the effect of DEX + 2.

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