Soul stones

– Besides the equipment items, soul stones can also be used to improve the equipment for the character’s battle power.

– Soul stone types can be divided into Emeralds, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst and Opal.

– The ability values of various types of soul stones are different, and additional ability values will be given randomly according to the value of the enhancements.


There can only be one Soul stone placed in one slot

The effect that been applied one the soul stone will be shown at the left.


The enhancement scroll and the certain amount golds will be needed for enhancing the soul stones.

a. Normal: max +5

b. Good: max +10

c. Rare: max +15

d. Epic: max +20

e. Legendary: max +25

-According to the value of soul stone enhancement, additional ability value will be randomly assigned.

-Additional ability value will be granted every +5 stages

-The types of additional ability value grants may be duplicated

-Even if the soul stone fails to be strengthened, the soul stone will not be destroyed or degraded.


–After strengthening to the highest strengthening stage of the level, you can upgrade

-Soul stones of the same type and level are required to upgrade, and some gold coins are required

-The strengthened soul stone can also be used as a strengthening material for upgrading, so please confirm before strengthening

-When the soul stone is upgraded, the number of enhancement stages will remain unchanged

-Soulstone upgrade will not fail


-The ability value attribute granted by the soul stone can be changed.

-Regiment can only be performed on the Legendary Soul Stone that has reached the maximum enhancement value.

-Each soul stone can only be performed 5 times for the re-grant function.

-When the rebuff is in progress, it will consume the soul stone to rebuff the mantra and some gold coins.

-When re-grant, the screen will show the ability value after the change before the change, you can choose to maintain the status quo or change to the ability value.

-The newly added ability value may be repeated when re-granting

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