– Skills are divided into two types: class shared and class specific

– You can learn skills by using skill books.

– Skill books can be obtained from skill shops, guild shops, crafting, drop from monster, etc.

– Skills can be registered for use on Quick Slot

– Skills with automatic function icons can be set to use automatically by registering them on the quick slot.

– The use of skills will consume MP, passive skills will not consume MP and will always be applied to the character

– Some skills can only be used after meeting special conditions

– The types of skills are as follows

a. Attack: A skill that deals damage after attacking a target object.

b. Buff: A skill that gives you or other objects a boost in battle power

c. Debuff: A skill that reduces the battle power of the target object.

d. Passive: Skills that are not actively used, but whose effects are directly applied to the character

Class Common Skills

– Class common skills are skills that can be used by all classes.

– However, due to the characteristics of the class, some of the shared skills will be different

Class-specific Skills

– Each class has a class-specific skill, and the class-specific skill allows each character to display its own different battle strategy

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