– Items offered in the shop can provide various kinds of help to the process of game play and character growth

– Cash, diamonds, golds, and Mileages can be used to purchase items.

– Mileages accrue when you use diamonds to purchase items.

– Some items may be limited to a certain number of purchases. (server limited/monthly limited/class limited/date limited, etc.)

– Some items can only be purchased at certain levels or higher.

– The number of daily limited purchases will be reset at 00:00 each day.

– Some items can be purchased through NPCs.

– Potions and usable items are cheaper when you purchase them through the Consumption Shop NPCs.

– You can confirm the rate info of rate items in the “Rate info” menu.

– Cash purchases can be picked up from the [Storage] menu.

General Shop NPC

– Generally, shop NPCs will be gathered in large cities or villages.

– The consumption shop sells recovery potions, buff potions, Summon Scrolls, etc.

– The Skill Shop sells a variety of general and specialized skill books for various classes.

– The equipment store sells all kinds of equipment.

– You can sell useless items, materials, etc. to the sell shop in exchange for golds.

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