Come to the sheep farm where countless pretty sheep await.
Run a farming business with full of cute and funny sheep.

[How to play]
🐏. It’s an idle farm management game that heals your mind.
🐏. Make space in the wasteland to build expand your farm.
🐏. Place more & more sheep in the ranch!
🐏. Shear the sheep and sell wools to increase your revenue.
🐏. Hire honest managers to advance your farm!
🐏. Shepherd dogs can improve the ability of sheep.
🐏. Tame the wild animals. They have a tremendous talents!!
🐏. Continue on expanding the Sheep Farm business.
(⭐️Tip: You can earn more money by using free boost items.)

🐑. Build a fabulous ranch with cute and pretty sheep.
🐑. The more sheep you have, the greater the revenue.
🐑. Complete various missions and make more cash.
🐑. You can make idle cash even when you’re offline.
🐑. Experience a comfortable yet amazing idle tycoon game.
🐑. Offline mode: No Wi-Fi is needed.
🐑. Compatible with all table size
🐑. Supports 16 languages.

This game is acceptable for purchasing the items partially. When purchasing the items, the additional costs could be occurred and limited Consumer Right of Defense according to the item types.

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