Can a ninja hang up? Innovative gameplay, no time and money are needed. You can become the strongest ninja by hanging up. Come play Shadow Ninja and learn the world’s ninjutsu!

In the Shadow Ninja, you will play as a ninja, practice various ninjutsu, find the legendary secret treasure, and constantly challenge the enemy. Here you can practice, break through, advance various ninjutsu, and experience physical skills The power of ninjutsu, shuriken, constantly strengthens oneself, upgrades the secret volume, and makes oneself invincible in the competition forever!

**Practice a variety of ninjutsu, advanced advanced ninjutsu
Fire escape, water escape, shuriken, sickle lock, imperial wind… and many other types of ninjutsu are available for practice. Each type of ninjutsu can be upgraded, advanced, unlocked high-level, high-damage ninjutsu

**Find lost secret treasures, equipment to improve skills
Celestial silkworm clothes, chakra rough stone, gods and ghosts masks, flowers of life…Each of them are treasures that ninjas dream of. Get it, refine it, and increase your skill

**Challenge difficulty levels to get rare items
The evil forces have never gone far, tempered in the level, used the ninjutsu they learned, challenged the evil ninja,

**Completely free game, experience the happy life of ninja
Retreat and practice, place to learn, and experience the world of ninjas,

Ready to become a ninja, do you want to learn some ninjutsu? Then start the ninja journey! Come on!

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