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How do you upgrade the character in the game? The unique difference in this game is that the character’s career and role is not decided at the beginning. These slowly become apparent as the character levels up and their abilities and skills increase over time. Each time the character reaches a specific experience level, he/she can choose to learn special skills and/or knowledge and even receive special weapons so that the character may become a great warrior or receive a powerful spell as a mage, thief and so on.


The player is able to specify the territory that will become his own to develop that territory to increase its wealth and benefits. The player can form a party or community to wage war against another community who are friends or foes. A player can become the “feudal lord” or chief of that particular area/territory by being voted by other players. The feudal lord must have his/her own strategic unit in the game and is responsible for waging wars against others.


No matter what policy or regulations are set by the feudal word, a character is still able to manage his own territory such as constructing buildings, receiving contributions and investing in the territory. In other words, to become a strong clan or group, each member needs to contribute to the community and support its war strategy policy.


The most significant difference between this and other games are that it is a highly evolved, fully detailed 3D war game which is controlled by the players themselves. On a clear day with no mist, players can obtain a view of up to 1 km in distance. Come try it out for yourself!


The advantages of this game is that there are a huge number of armors, clothing/accessories, items and that can be purchased or looted from enemies. The gamer may use these to create a highly individualized character in the game.


The game’s advanced weather and environment effects will astound you. The sun’s position and view angle follows the season and weather changes. When night approaches the sky gradually changes to darkness as the sun slowly sets but in the morning you can actually feels the sunrise as the sun slowly rises with unique lens flare effect. The new version can provide a game resolution of up to a maximum of 1600 x 1200 pixels compared to the previous of 800 x 600 pixels, giving you a more detailed and realistic look at the world of RYL.

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