ROHAN M: The Beginning of A Legend


Long ago the Great God Ohn, known as the God of Light and Creation breathed life and created the world, “Rohan”. To ensure the wellness of Rohan, God Ohn aimed to create high-class creatures who can utilize and protect this world. Therefore, he ordered all of his 5 Gods to create creatures of their own.

🔥 Peleaus, the God of Fire. Through the holy fire, he created creatures called “Human”. He gave them the ability to fight courageously and fair.

🗻 Georgia, the God of Earth. Lifting the highest mountain in Rohan, he created “Giants” with tremendous power.

🌊 Ava, the Water God. Gathering all the rivers they created mystic creatures called “Elves”. With combined powers of Shihen, through wisdom and magic, these creatures are filled with magnificent beauty.

🌪 Demetris, the God of the Wind casts a storm to create “Halflings”. The wind’s incredible power gave them excellent eyes, nose, ears and ability to move fast.

🌌 Shilen, the Goddess of Darkness and Death acquired the power of water from Ava in creating “Dark Elves”. The Dark Elves are blessed with the ability to foresee death.

The Great God Ohn brought the powers of Peleus, Georgia, Ava and Demetris to gather under the moonlight resulting in creating a creature called, “Dragon””. A race that is stronger and more powerful than expected by Ohn. Due to the fear of danger to the world, the dragon tribe hides on a far away island. 🐉

God Ohn ordered the god and the 5 races to rule Rohan by dividing lands to look after. With their creator gods, each tribe is responsible for enhacing various technologies of their own.

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