-You can view the ranking, battle power, PvP, and guild ranking.

-The ranking is based on this server.

-Characters waiting to be deleted will not appear in the ranking system.

-The corresponding buff will be applied according to the ranking order.

-Click on the ranking bonus icon to view the ranking order buff information.

Level Ranking

-Characters with rank 30 or above will be registered on the ranking.

-The ranking is divided into all classes and each class, and the system will only apply the ranking buff with the highest effect.

-Class ranking can be confirmed by selecting the class on the right.

-The ranking update time can be confirmed on the bottom right side.

PvP Ranking

-PvP rankings are common to all classes and there are no rank restrictions.

-Ranking is based on PvP points, and PvP points can be earned during PvP victories.

-You can view PvP ranking details when you select your character name.

-PvP ranking details can be viewed in the character name, PvP points, victory / defeat information, buff, etc.

-Update time of PvP ranking and reset time can be confirmed at the bottom right side.


-The ranking of guild is based on the accumulated experience value of guild.

-Guild rankings do not provide additional bonuses or buffs.

-Guild ranking can also be confirmed in the Guild system.

-The ranking update time can be confirmed on the bottom right side.

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