– The tasks are divided into Main, Sub, Missions, Achievements, Guild missions, and Events.

– Main and Sub missions can be viewed in the past history after completion.


– The Main mission is the main storyline of the game.

– The plot of the game will be developed in each area according to the progress of the Main mission.


– Provide character development and information guidance missions for each system

– You can easily learn how to use each system through Sub missions and receive mission rewards.

Daily Mission

The missions are divided into daily, weekly, and monthly.

The difficulty will increase in the order of daily→ weekly→ monthly.

Daily missions will be reset every day at 5am.

Weekly missions will be reset every Monday at 5am.

Monthly missions will be reset on the 1st of each month at 5am.


– Achievements can be divided into characters, battles, items, topics, and social.

– Each achievement can only be completed once.

– After completing the achievement mission, you will be rewarded, and the next achievement mission will be triggered.

– Some missions will not trigger the next achievement mission after completing it once.

Guild Mission

– After joining the Guild, you can carry out Guild missions.

– Complete the guild mission to get guild experience and guild coin.

– The remaining time for the guild mission can be confirmed at the bottom right.


– If there is an active mission in progress, it can be confirmed in this menu.

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