-Battles that are difficult for a single person to handle can be carried out by forming a party.

-You can share the exp when you fight monsters at a party.

-You can view the party members in the party menu on the right side of the screen.

-You can accept invitations to join a party, or create a party and invite others to join.

Party Invite

[1]Click directly on a character to invite a party.

[2]Parties can be invited through the party invitation button in the party interface.

[3]Parties can be invited via the party invite button in the Friend List.

-You cannot invite again within 30 seconds after inviting the target.

Party Acceptance

– The accept/reject button on the right side of the character will be activated if you are not the party leader.

-When the party interface is activated, the party interface will activate the Accept/Reject button.

-Party invitation will be automatically rejected if it is not accepted within 20 seconds.

Party window function

[1]Click on your character area in the party list to activate the party exit button, and click to exit the party.

[2]The party leader can click on a party member’s block to transfer privileges or remove the party member.

[3]If a party member is removed from the party, the team member’s roster will be unfilled.

*The party leader applies the crown logo.


-You can check the location of your party members on the mini-map.

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