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RYL 2: Incomplete Union is a full 3D MMORPG where players create an online character and then use that character to level up in the gaming world by fighting NPCs or completing numerous quests. In addition, guilds are integral part of RYL and PvP. At the root of the game are racial tensions between a Human race and a Demon race. Whenever these 2 races meet in a battle area, they can battle each other for Fame and Rank. RYL 2: Incomplete Unionis heavily based upon PVP.

Please join us in the world of RYL 2: Incomplete Union to experience the awesome game excitement!

RYL 2: Incomplete Union have push the graphic to the limit, where player can view up to 1 km in distance. Besides that the graphic refresh rate and view distance have been greatly enhanced.

To enable the smooth movement of attacking or skill usage, RYL 2: Incomplete Union eliminate the hit delay like any other MMORPG, besides that, player are able to hit mutiple target at once. This features greatly enhanced the game play. Additional to that, our system will continues to enhance this aspect to let the player enjoy the game better.

RYL 2: Incomplete Union, player can engage in battle or even players from oposing guild or fort.

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