Tower Defense game taken place in the futuristic medieval city: Nava!
Use your strategy to defend Nava City from the forces of High Tech Goblins and Orcs!
Build defensive towers to attack the hordes of Goblin riding jet pack, buggy cars, and motor bike!
Keep improving your defense and unlock various towers so you can help Nava City survives the attack from the Goblin Tanks, Robots, and Air Balloon!

Main features:

  • Total of 16 tower types that you can arrange freely to create the best strategy!
  • Lots of High Tech Goblins!
  • Merge your towers and build the strongest towers!
  • Use items such as rockets, gravitational field, freeze beam, and Napalm Bomb to help you survive the attacks!
  • Unlock and open new lands and prepare for a bigger wave of enemies attacks!
  • Many More!

Google Play :

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