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South Coast | Leihan | Sainna Island | Misery Island | Caernarvon

This is the beginner map for the Ak’Kan or Merkhadians. The map is also fairly large with multiple concentrations of mobs in all areas. The major areas on the map are Opeiny City, Unite, Vien Camp and Hizna Camp. The map has mostly volcanic and desert-like terrain with mountainous areas all around. The beginner quests are concentrated in Opeiny City and Unite. There are 7 quests altogether in this map.

When Ak’Kan players first start out in the Land of RYL, they will spawn at Opeiny City. This is the main starter town. The City has all the Ak’Kan trainers and merchants needed for survival.

Opeiny City has the portal to Misery Island, the advanced map for Merkhadians, while Unite, has the portal to the Arena where players from both races fight for control over 3 statuaries.

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