The self-styled ultimate jumping game! “King of Jump” has been released on Google Play.

“King of jump” is a jump game with a new concept, where you climb between cliff walls with jumps to collect hero characters and various items to clear levels.

Tap between the cliffs with the right timing to set the high score.

You will be able to see your hand-eye-coordination and reflexes, and the left-right eye movement will help your vision.

Feel the incredible speed of high level heroes. You will need super-human reflexes to control these characters. Challenge your limits endlessly by clearing levels with a full perfect.

▶Game Rules

  1. Tap anywhere on the screen at the exact moment the hero touches the cliff to make the hero jump.
  2. You will be rated on your accuracy (Perfect, Great, Good, Poor, Miss), and getting a Perfect will raise speed and combos according to the laws of inertia.
  3. Every 15 combos will activate Fever Mode to help you reach your high score.
  4. Try to use the double jump as much as possible to be the best.

▶Game Characteristics

• One-touch manipulation for easy enjoyment by anyone!

• Free play! High immersion and convenient contents!

• Clear the 99 levels of single player mode!

• Live battles with other users in multiplayer mode!

• Playable by 2~8 players simultaneously!

• Jump ability increased with combos and Perfect ratings!

• Automatic Fever Mode activated with every 15 combos!

• Collect various unique jump heroes!

• Various collection effects based on hero characters collected!

• Hero lottery system with no blanks!

• Hero upgrade system!

• Share your records with users around the world by linking with Google Leaderboard and Achievements!

• Reward based ads implemented to prevent interfering with game play!

❖Taking a brief moment to review the game will be tremendously helpful to developing the game. Thank you.

Google Play :

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