The guide will help gamers to Redeem and Register coupon at ArcheAge SEA

  • Link :
    –Coupon (exp 28 june) :
    ArcheLife 5 Hari (x1): Q5W2-7RPE-3UNG-8J3RG
    Daily Pump-Up (x3): QE8L-XW6T-Y7E6-VVFP3
    Bound Labor Recharger (x5): TQDG-WPVQ-K2NY-7UPK8
    Bound Sunlight Juice (x5): 9WTP-F2DU-PH2S-MJX3R
    Bound Moonlight Juice (x5): FENN-668M-CS5G-TRLRB
    Adventurer’s Goblet of Honor (x10): T2T9-64M7-Q745-6JQ6G

Step 1)
Install the game ► Access to the game ► Agree to the terms ► Create server character

Step 2)
Go to the website ( from in-game or launcher

  • Login status would be checked as the screenshot below

Step 3)
Website ► XL Cash ► Register ► Coupon Box

Step 4)
Enter the coupon code

Step 5)
Click “Use” at the bottom of the registered coupon

Step 6)
Select the server & character and click “Send”

  • Please check in-game XL Cash Shop Mail later on

Elektronomia – Limitless [NCS Release] :

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