-The friend system allows you to register your friends’ information and conveniently perform team invitations, whispers and other systems.

-After logging in to the friend system, you can send parcels to each other.

-Friends can be registered to a maximum of 40.

-In this system, you can register the target alert. This part is not a friend anymore.

-The maximum number of target alerts can be registered to 20.

Friend Invitation

-You can directly select your opponent’s character for a friend invitation.

-You can use the friend invitation button in the friend menu to search for friends and invite friends.

-After sending an invitation to a friend, you can cancel it from the invitation list if you want.

-The maximum number of invitations that can be sent and received at the same time is 10.

Friend Management

-You can check if your friend is online and when he/she was last online.

-Team invitations are available to facilitate whispers.

-You can manage the friend directory by deleting friends.

Target Alert

-The target alert and the friend are different concepts of mechanism, you can register directly without acceptance from them.

-You can enter your own notes about the target alert.

-You can only register a maximum of 10 target alert.

Target Alert Mark

– When the target alert appears, the system will mark the alert on the ID of the player.

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