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Guys, our Official Discord just held our very first successful “Face to Face with Dev” session!Rabbie, the admin of our Discord, summarizes 10 focused-questions and records them down in order to make more fans to review the session.

Q1: How will account link be made? It was difficult for me to make a character on CN version because I dont know about wechat.
A: There are lots of accounts to log in the game such as Fb, twitter, Google, VK, LINE, also guest mode is available.

Q2: Will we get the uncensored ver of the game? I notice some of the clothing is more covered up in CN and TW version.
A: Our GL version is uncensored version!

Q3: Now most modern MMOs suffers from downgrade of social interactions between players, by offering the ability to play solo and go throughout most of contents alone, auto-play functions that works on strictly active social parts of game like PVP/GVG/FVF etc. Such as these elements results in a declining player-base on a faster rate which ultimately forces most players to quit. In which way the lead team hopes to prevent this and increase the expected game lifespan for all us fans and potential players to enjoy the game as long as possible?
A: For social elements you mention here, we have them all in the game. For example, we have 20 people PVP mode. These contents in game need people to interact with each other to achieve game progression rather than playing alone. Our different communities also will hold lots of events to keep you guys active.

Q4: Do we need to buy a lot of equipment with real money?
A: No, you don’t need to pay really money to get equipment. You basically get them by attending PVE and daily quests.

Q5: Is Dragon Raja will available in SEA Region? If it is, when it will be? Also, will your team handle the SEA version too?
A: SEA version will come out after GL version. And we will handle SEA version as well.

Q6: Where did the inspiration for this game come from?
A: The inspiration comes from a novel that written by a Chinese writer.

Q7: I’m loving the lore and story. Will we be getting more background lore on the classes? Like where they come from? The first ones? And how they get their abilities? (Esp. soul-dancer)
A: Our team will keep updating and releasing more info about background lore and so forth.

Q8: Is it true you can romance NPCs?
A: Pretty much like that, you guys can have affinity with NPCs.

Q9: Are our chars descendants of the human dragon hybrids? So will that means we are human dragon hybrids?
A: Yep, you guys are hybrids!

Q10: Can we have dancing party with friends?
A: Yes, you can. You will have ball in the game and you are able to dance with your friends.

Ten question above are the focused questions that came from our 1st “Face to Face with Dev” session. Hope this post will be helpful for you guys.

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