This game contains strong language, sarcasm, bad humor and childish jokes.
Please check out the content and age rating, because this game is not for children, moralists, or Karens!

Game description:

“Weird things happen in Varedze…” …But not as weird as what is happening in your city.

Come on, why are you still reading this stuff? Hit download and enjoy the adventure!

In-app purchase:

This game is free, but you can purchase the extra contents to support my work.
By purchasing the extra contents you will get:

  • Ads removal
  • A lot of additional skins for your character
  • An additional chapter playing with Junior, Tony, Tommy and Timmy
  • A shooter mini-game in the Paintball Saloon
  • The opportunity to contribute to the next Sui Arts adventure game ♥

Google Play :

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