-The ability to talk to other users or display system notifications.

-Chat is divided into general, guild, team, whisper,  chat and all other categories.

-All chats are available from character level 50.

-When you want to chat, you can go to the [Chat] menu at the bottom of the screen.

Quick Chat

-You can specify the content of the conversation in advance in case of unexpected situations or if you want to chat more conveniently.

-You can select the [Pencil] button to save the conversation automatically.

-Click on a saved conversation and it will be sent directly to the chat window.

Chat Settings

-The chat settings allow you to set the content to be displayed in the chat window.

-Only the checked topics will be displayed in the chat window.

-When you check the Messages feature, the chat content will be displayed on your character after you send a chat.

Chat block

-You can specify users who do not want to see his chat content, and block the chat content

-Chat block, you can block the chat content of specified players in the chat conversation

-Chat blocking can block up to 50 players.

-To unblock the chat, you can select the specified user in the block list and press “Block Unlock” to unblock it.

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