Somebody forgot to tell these monsters not to bring a club to a gun fight!

Tap to play, release to shoot and mow down the evil that threatens the realm. In this bullet hell, you’ll need quick reflexes, powerful equipment, and a mountain of bullets to survive.

Like roguelike games? Never ending games? Dungeon games? Shooting games? Bullet Knight is a bullet hell game that brings the best of them all into one fun, offline game!

Collect weapons, try hero abilities and use creative combinations of skills and powers! Run through fun, free never ending games with unique dungeons and wreak havoc!

Bullet Knight Features:

Roguelike Dungeon Game

  • Random and exciting abilities make every dungeon run unique!
  • Explore the vast deserts, magical forests, and war-torn battlefields featuring hundreds of maps.
  • Never ending games filled with monsters to fight and weapons to collect!

Fantasy Game

  • Knight games with a cast of legendary heroes you can choose from to suit your personality.
  • Feel the power of devastating ultimate attacks that change the face of the combat.
  • Dungeon Boss battles against powerful monsters!

Bullet Hell Shooting Game

  • Tap to move and release to attack – shoot your enemies down!
  • Enter bullet time for amazing ballistic action!
  • Get powerups and make your weapons even stronger.
  • Collect thousands of weapons and craft them together to form the ultimate gun!

Offline Game

  • Play offline with no WiFi to enjoy Bullet Knight anytime, anywhere!

Get the best free games that combine bullet time, action and roguelike dungeon crawls! Download Bullet Knight today!

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