Having been lost in the Ghost Palace for years, it’s time to brake destiny and embrace a bright future. From zero city to Victoria, there are twelve cities you would experience in the Ghost Palace. The journey to those cities is unpredictable, for your safety, it’s better to advance your wings, summon pet alongside you to conquer all unknown risks. With 3D VR like scene and anime like graphics, players from worldwide are attacked by Battle of Destiny. If you want to take a special journey in the Ghost Palace, just join us and experience more features.

Game features
I. 3D game with VR like functionality
A virtual reality scene will surprise you when you enter into any city. The special effect in battle is just like an eye feast, freely switching angle to enjoy the masterpiece.

II. Summon Cute and Powerful Pet to Assist in The Battle
There are multiple pets you can select from. Summon one and nature it, you will have more chance to win in the battle when your pet releases certain skills.

III. Experience Various Journey with Different Objects
Find your style, equip your wings, evolve into advanced character and dominate the arena. Moreover, you can also get a beautiful look, just dress up your character and be charming.

IV. Invite Friends & Having Much Fun
On the journey to Lost in Dungeon, you will meet unknown monster and experience many unpredictable risks, if you join a party and ally your friends, you will be a powerful team and win the battle easily.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question:

Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.battledestiny.dragonball.clashofclans.pubg.mobilelegend.heroes.dragalialost

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