Let us introduce to you about the basic system of the game Rohan M before setting forth to an adventure. Read through the basic guidelines to learn more about the fun and excitement that awaits you.

1) Account

You can play Rohan M at ease by connecting your accounts through Google+ and Facebook!

2) Classes & Naming

Classes: Rohan has a total of 4 classes for you to choose!
Naming: You are only allowed to have 1 – 8 alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z and 0-9) when naming a character.
So, be sure to think about it carefully before deciding your desired name!

3) Main Menu

The menu bar is specially designed for the convenience of users.

4) Chat System

Socialize in-game through various Chat Channels available in the game.

5) Manage Friends

Get connected with your in-game buddies by adding them on your friend-list.
The block feature might also come handy at some instances!

Add upto 50 Friends

6) Auto-Attack System

Getting more levels and items while resting? Our Auto-Attack system is built for you! Don’t forget to stock your potions or your character might fall asleep for good.

Need to preserve your phone battery? Rohan M’s Power-saving mode adjusts your screen automatically without halting your ongoing activities!

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