-Bank can be used through NPC Rebecca in Metropolis

-Bank is a system that deposits gold coins in the bank to obtain additional benefits and rewards

-you can use bank from level 50

-The number of deposits/withdrawals is limited to 5 times a day, and the limit is reset at 5 am every day

-A withdrawal fee of 5% will be charged when withdrawing money

-The single deposit limit is 500,000,000 gold coins

-There will be a different  limit of the total deposit amount according to the level of the character

-Different buffs will be given to the characters according to the total deposit, and rewards will be obtained

-Rewards will be applied based on 5 a.m. every day

-Reward items will be delivered via email

* When the bank reward conditions are met for the first time, the reward will be distributed at 5 am after 24 hours on the basis of the deposit date

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